3rd International Workshop on 5G RAN Design

METIS-II is arranging the third edition of the 5G RAN Design workshop at ICC 2017 together with FANTASTIC 5G, mmMAGIC, 5G Crosshaul and Flex5GWare.

The workshop will build upon its very successful predecessors, focus on the 5G RAN design and provide the opportunity to share and discuss final results from the mentioned projects or other 5G research activities.

For further details see the Call For Papers or the 5G RAN Design Site

The workshop organizers solicit original, unpublished technical papers in particular in the following fields:

  • Physical layer and hardware implementation concepts related to 5G
  • MAC, RLC, PDCP and RRC concepts, inparticular related to an efficient integration of multiple novel 5G air interfaces among each other, and with evolved legacy technology.
  • Backhaul/fronthaul design and capabilities for multi-tier ultra-dense heterogeneous small cell networks
  • RAN Architecture concepts associated to the overall control plane and user plane design
  • Energy efficiency assessment of the 5G RAN
  • Business models and techno-economic assessment for the 5G RAN