White Papers

5G RAN Architecture and Functional Design White Paper

This white-paper summarizes the initial views and considerations of METIS-II on the 5G RAN architecture and functional design. It starts by listing the main service types that are considered for 5G, namely extreme mobile broadband (xMBB), massive machine-type communications (mMTC) and ultra-reliable machine-type communications (uMTC), as well as the five specific use cases towards which METIS-II is performing the 5G RAN design, and which typical represent a mixture of services. It further describes the key requirements on the 5G RAN architecture that have been identified and derived from the diverse service and use case needs, and explicitly elaborates on the requirements posed by the notion of Network Slicing in 5G.

The full text is available for download here METIS-II 5G RAN Architecture White Paper