Project Objectives

The METIS-II project will build upon METIS and other ongoing projects related to 5G, but go significantly beyond the achievements in these projects. In particular, the METIS-II project will pursue the following ambitious objectives:

  • Develop the overall 5G radio access network (RAN) design (where 5G refers to the overall future wireless communications system including evolved legacy and novel radio access technologies), in a level of detail in between “Technology Readiness Level 2” and “Technology Readiness Level 3”, and focusing particularly on designing the technology for an efficient integration of legacy and novel radio access network concepts into one holistic 5G system.
  • Provide the 5G collaboration framework within 5G-PPP for a common evaluation of 5G radio access network concepts from both a performance and techno-economical perspective. More specifically, METIS-II will further refine 5G scenarios, requirements and KPIs, develop a performance and techno-economical evaluation framework, and provide consolidation and guidance to other 5G-PPP projects on spectrum and overall 5G radio access network design aspects. Further, METIS-II will develop an open-source 5G evaluation and visualisation tool for illustrating the key use cases of a 5G system as such, and the benefit of the key radio access network design elements developed.
  • Prepare concerted action towards regulatory and standardisation bodies for an efficient standardisation, development and economically attractive roll-out of 5Gwith a strong European footprint and headstart.

To achieve its objectives, METIS-II will build strongly upon currently ongoing FP7 projects such as METIS, 5GNOW, MiWaveS etc. and work in close collaboration with other 5G-PPP projects. In particular, METIS-II will not perform in-depth research on physical layer aspects or on particular communications use cases, but rather build upon corresponding concepts from other projects and design the technology needed for the harmonization and integration of these concepts into a holistic 5G system, considering all aspects related to the user and control plane of the 5G architecture. As METIS-II is focusing on the radio access network design, it will also collaborate with other 5G-PPP projects when working on technology components that are tightly related to core network aspects.