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METIS-II Press Releases

September 28, 2015 EU project METIS-II hosts workshop on 5G system with 5G PPP projects

Stockholm, September 28th 2015: Researchers from Europe and the rest of the world are gathering today in Kista for a two-day workshop hosted by METIS-II for collaborating on the future 5G system. The workshop gathers 11 of the 5G PPP projects (5G-NORMA, 5G-XHAUL, COHERENT, Euro 5G, Fantastic 5G, Flex5Gware, METIS II, mmMAGIC, SELFNET, SPEED-5G, XHAUL), focusing on radio aspects for future communication networks. In the two-day workshop, topics like scenarios and evaluations of 5G system will be treated along with discussions on spectrum.

Full press release here: METIS-II Press release Sept 2015

July 15, 2015:  EU project METIS-II to lead the next phase of 5G radio access network research

European Union, July 15th 2015: The recently inaugurated European Union project METIS-II has ushered in the next phase of research on the 5th generation of mobile and wireless communications (5G). 5G is expected to significantly improve current, mainly human-type, wireless communications, and enable a wide range of machine-type communication applications, such as, eHealth, vehicular safety, industry automation and augmented reality. A truly global consortium is gathered and the project will be built upon the success of the first METIS project. The project will enable rapid progress in 5G standardisation by serving as a pre-standards research forum, where consensus on key issues to do with radio aspects of next-generation networks can be reached.

Full press release here: METIS-II Press release July 2015